All Rot Spirit locations in the Fields in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Fields of Kena is a new zone in the game that is set to be released with Patch 3.5, and it will feature a new dungeon called the Bridge of Spirits. This zone has many different areas, including one of my favorite places – the Rot Spirit’s location.

The kena: bridge of spirits is a location in the Fields area. It is where Rot Spirits are located.

The Fields, like every other location in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, are brimming with treasures. The Fields, unlike the other regions, contain a lot more items than you would think. There are a whopping 25 Rot Spirits to gather here, and they’re all cleverly concealed. Here’s where you can find them.

Below the stairwell

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You’ll find a place to utilize the Spirit Mask after traveling across the scorching fields. The flames will be extinguished after the sequence, and you will be free to wander. Find the long stones on the right side of the Ancient Well. Make them float by using your explosives. Then, using the flower on one of the stones, propel yourself up to the long stone. Run along the stone from here, jumping to the smaller one at the finish. To get the stones underneath the wooden platform out of the way, throw a bomb at them and leap into the hole. To summon the Rot Spirit from the puddle, use your Spirit Pulse. 

Within the ring

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Use the crystals to activate the huge stone platform around the Ancient Well, which will reveal a wide curving stairway. Drop down the stairwell and into the arena. Defeat all of your foes. Look around the arena for a tree root with a stone next to it before leaving. To summon the Rot Spirit, use Spirit Pulse.

In the vicinity of the elevator

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After emptying up the Ancient Well and fighting with the last flying monsters. Turn right after removing the bottom hole. Follow the route until you reach an elevator, using the flowers to bridge the gaps you can’t leap over. A chunk of wood behind the elevator may be raised to reveal another Rot Spirit.

House that has been demolished

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You will come upon a damaged home after taking the elevator up. Enter the room and fight the baddies inside. Proceed to the wall with the stones under it. To make the stones float, throw a bomb at them. To turn the further stone and make it accessible, shoot the crystal at it. Turn to the side of the structure and jump on the stones. Two additional stones may be found underneath them. To make them float, throw another bomb and use the crystal to turn both stones. To be dragged over to the stones, shoot the blossom. Return to the home and leap onto the newly accessible level. A Rot Spirit may be found in a chest on the platform.

Defeat Kappa once again.

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Head towards the Watchtower marker on the map and come to a halt when you reach an enemy-spawning field. It spawns a regular enemy version of the Kappa boss, to be precise. Deal with this Kappa, and you’ll see a flower emerge. Is a Forest Tear in a bucket at the adjacent hut? It should be brought over to the flower. Create a Rot Cloud and move it over to the corruption along the adjacent route after that’s done. After the corruption is removed, this will take you to another Forest Tear. Create another Rot Cloud with the second Forest Tear and eliminate the corruption close to the stones. Make the stones float by dropping a bomb on them. To get on the stones, jump on a neighboring rock. Shoot the crystal at one of them and climb on top of it to turn it. A home with a flower inside will be found below. There will be a chest containing a Rot Spirit within the home if you shoot the flower to be dragged down.

On the lookout tower

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The position of the Rot Spirit is apparent. You will be standing on or close to a purple symbol after clearing the corruption on the watchtower. Spirit Pulse may be used to propel targets into the air. To get the Rot Spirit, shoot them all before the fall.

Under the bridge

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Look down after clearing the watchtower to find a bridge across a river. Run to the bridge and look underneath it for a Rot Spirit chest.

Wheat-growing house

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Following the dirt road to the left of the bridge Beyond the bridge, you’ll come upon a damaged structure on the other side of some wheat. To locate a puddle, climb to the top of this skyscraper. To get the Rot Spirit, use Spirit Pulse.

In the backyard

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Return to the garden after a short detour. It’s located between the bridge and the demolished structure. A ruined home with a garden may be found here. Another Mage opponent will spawn here as you arrive. The battle will be similar to the Mage boss battle. To make a Forest Tear, transfer the contents of the adjacent bucket to the flower within the home once you’ve cleared the foes. Create a Rot Cloud using this and drag it over all of the plants in the garden. They’ll all blossom as a result of this. After that, locate the pumpkin and have the Rot Spirits contact with it to get another spirit.

In the rock

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Follow the river until you come upon a blue stone surrounded by purple butterflies. To destroy it, throw a bomb at it. Keep an eye out for the adversary lurking underneath. They’ll detonate if you don’t jump backward. The Rot Spirit will appear where the stone was once the adversary has vanished.

Near the ravine, there is a rocky outcropping.

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Return to the opposite side of the earlier-destroyed home. Continue along the trail until you come to a big rock close to a fence with a view of a ravine. To get another Rot Spirit, destroy the rock.

Rufus’ granary

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To discover a lot of liquid that will kill you if you touch it, go to Rufus’ barn. Jump from one platform to the next and shoot the target. A platform will begin to rotate as a result of this. Climb onto the platform and ride it around to the other side, where there is a home. Inside, you’ll discover a chest containing another Rot Spirit.

After defeating the Vine Knight boss

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Look for several stones within the structure once you’ve defeated the Vine Knight monster. Use your bomb to blow them up so you can go to the second level. To locate the next Rot Spirit as a puddle on the floor, follow the route and jump across the rafters.

Rufus’s Rescue

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For saving Rufus the ox and finishing the Adira’s Love quest, you will get three Rot Spirits instantly. You’ll receive these after you’ve obtained the Ox Relic.

Near the entrance to the Fields

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You will get the task Adira’s Fear after finishing Adira’s Love. To go to the forge, go to the map’s forge area. This is also where you entered the Fields for the first time. To go to the Fields, look for the huge stone gateway you unlocked. A home with stones adjacent to it is located nearby. To go into the home, use a bomb to move the stones out of the path. Inside there lies a Cursed Chest. You’ll receive a Rot Spirit if you finish the assignment.

A different garden

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A home with a garden sits to the right of the huge stone gateway through which you used to enter the Fields. A waterwheel with targets is present. To summon a Forest Tear, shoot one of the targets. Create a Rot Cloud and lead it to the other gardens down the slope. This will result in the appearance of a gourd. To get the Rot Spirit, use Spirit Pulse on the gourd.

Shooting drills

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Head up the hill and battle several monsters once Rufus clears the rock blocking the way to the forge. Continue straight after they’ve left to discover a wooden platform with a purple sign on it. Make targets soar into the air using Spirit Pulse. To get the Rot Spirit, shoot all of the targets before they fall. 

In the crypt

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Continue on the route after the wooden platform until you reach a gap you can’t cross. Make your way to the cave by riding down the dirt slide. Keep to the left once entering the cave to discover a tiny chamber with a wooden beam. The Rot Spirit is trapped under the beam.


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You will come upon an area where you must jump over floating pebbles after going through the forge portion of the Fields. When you reach the top, turn left to discover a Rot Spirit in a puddle. To get it, use Spirit Pulse.

The leader of the Stone Guardians

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After beating the Stone Guardian boss, you’ll be rewarded with three Rot Spirits. They’ll show up once you get the hammer relic.

Next to the hat cart

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Go to the map’s forge area on the eastern side. Locate the home with the Cursed Chest in the foreground. Look up towards the rear of the house to discover a flower. To enter the home, pull yourself up to the flower. Once you’re inside, have the Rot Spirits empty the contents of the pail containing the Forest Tear’s goop. To have the Rot Spirits take it out of the home, go to the first floor. Create a Rot Cloud after the Forest Tear is complete. Place the Rot Cloud in front of the adjacent home with the hat cart. Destroy the corruption and enter the building. To be drawn over to the flower, shoot it. To locate the Rot Spirit, lift up the wooden box.