Hitman 3 Year Two Update Adding VR and Ray Tracing for PC

Famed for its impeccable graphics, Hitman 3 will get an update in 2018 that finally brings Virtual Reality (VR) to the game. The update also comes with support for Nvidia’s recent ray tracing technology which developers can use to create more realistic lighting and shadows on a PC using DirectX 12 API.

The “hitman 3 levels” is a game that was released in March of this year. The game has just received its second update, which includes VR and ray tracing for PC.

Hitman 3 Year Two Update Adding VR and Ray Tracing for PC

Hitman-3-Year-Two-Update-Adding-VR-and-Ray-TracingImage courtesy of IO Interactive

Hitman 3: Year Two will launch on January 20, 2022, according to IO Interactive. The upgrade will include new maps and narratives, as well as new PC capabilities like as virtual reality and ray tracing. Although no super sampling options such as DLSS or FSR have been mentioned, the game does support CPUs with 8+ cores and VRS on PC. Prior to the launch, IO Interactive will provide additional information regarding the upgrade. Early January will provide details on a new game mode dubbed “Elusive Target Arcade.”


Year 2 Highlights

Ray Tracing is a technique for tracing the path of

We’re dedicated to offering the greatest possible performance and optimization to our PC gamers, in collaboration with our Intel partners. Support for 8+ core CPUs and Variable Rate Shading have already been included to HITMAN 3 on PC. HITMAN 3 will feature Ray Tracing on PC in 2022.


HITMAN 3 debuted with PlayStation VR compatibility, and we’re excited to offer HITMAN VR to PC in January 2022. Before Year 2 begins on January 20, 2022, all technical specifics, including the platforms we’ll support, will be published.

Arcade with a Mysterious Target In HITMAN 3, a revolutionary new game mode called Elusive Target Arcade introduces a new method to play Elusive Targets. Prepare to take on the ultimate Elusive Target challenge in this fan-favorite game mode, which deviates from the standard formula. All Elusive Target Arcade content will be available in the game indefinitely. In early January 2022, full information on how this game mode works will be released.

Image courtesy of IO Interactive

In addition, IO Interactive hinted a huge upgrade to the game for Spring 2022.

IO Interactive is the source of this information (via OC3D)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hitman 3 have ray tracing PC?

A: No. Hitman 3 does not have ray tracing PC, nor will it ever.

Does Hitman 3 have ray tracing on console?

A: No, Hitman does not have ray tracing on the PlayStation 4.

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