New World Factions Guide – How to Farm Tokens, Faction Missions

The New World factions guide is the definitive guide to farming tokens, faction missions, and building up your character. This comprehensive walkthrough will help you get started quickly on your journey of conquering the New World.

The new world faction guide is a new guide for the game, which will help players farm tokens and faction missions.

New World Factions Guide

This Guide to the New World Factions will teach you how to farm Faction Tokens, as well as the three kinds of Factions and what they do.

The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant are the three major Factions in the game. Whichever Faction you pick will feature a variety of objectives ranging from PvE to PvP that will reward you with a variety of things like as XP, Influence, money, and high-tier armor and weaponry.

New World Factions Guide

Before we get into the nitty gritty of factions and their objectives, let’s have a look at your choices and which Faction is the greatest fit for you.

How to Pick a Faction and Join It

There are three distinct kinds of Factions, as previously stated. Each of the three factions has its own set of Perks and objectives to complete. Furthermore, each Faction has its own goal, which ranges from sheer force to a group dedicated to justice. It all comes down to what you want out of the game or what you like. However, after at least 120 days in the game, you may switch sides.

The Marauders are a military organization dedicated to using force to build a strong country where people may thrive and profit. Consider them your first choice if you want to be in a company that lets the weapon do the talking.

If you’re more interested in learning than fighting, there’s The Syndicate, a clandestine organization on the lookout for forbidden information that would usher in a new age of enlightenment.

Finally, there’s the Covenant, which is committed to fairness and fighting for righteousness with zeal. The Covenant, unlike the Marauders, believes in battling for what is fair and just.

To join a Faction, you must complete enough game objectives to achieve Level 10 and then join that Faction. When you reach Level 10, the game will take you to a screen where you will be presented to the factions and asked which one you want to join.

The Best Way to Change Factions

You are not permanently bound to a Faction after you have joined it. This is because the game offers you an option right away whether you want to switch factions.

When you’ve switched sides at least once, though, you may only switch factions after 120 days have elapsed. This is accomplished by heading to the Bio menu and choosing the Faction you want to join.

Missions and Rewards by Faction

Factions’ primary goal is to offer you with a variety of gaming objectives and to reward you with goods that will assist you advance through the narrative. You will be assigned PvP and PvE tasks after joining a faction of your choosing.

Hunting animals, assassinations, collecting resources, and creating resources are all examples of PvE tasks. Completing these tasks earns you faction goodies like rare weapons, equipment, and goods. Completing PvE tasks, on the other hand, rewards you with faction tokens and reputation.

Moving on to other kinds of missions that require you to battle other players, PvP missions reward you with both Influence and Reputation. Delivering goods and messages to collecting information and patrolling locations are just a few of the missions available. The more missions you accomplish successfully, the more Influence and Reputation you will get, which will strengthen your faction’s grip over a region while also making it a more attractive target for opponents.

Faction Tokens: How to Farm Them

Faction Tokens may be obtained by completing both PvP and PvE tasks assigned by the Factions. Fighting other players is the greatest method to earn Faction Tokens, which makes sense given that these tasks are the most challenging.

However, fighting against other players in missions isn’t the only method to earn Tokens. There are a few missions that don’t need you to interact with other people and have a more controllable goal, such as finding and crafting materials or hunting a certain species.

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