New World Quintessence Locations and Guide

The New World was a game released in late 2014 that had players explore a vast, open-world map. It was unique because it had no set storyline or central character, but rather an expansive world with many different possible paths to choose from. Players could also create their own stories by customizing the look of their character and exploring the map for hidden secrets.

The New World Logging Guide is a guide to help players find the locations of new world quintessence in the game. Read more in detail here: new world logging guide.

New World Quintessences and where to find them

Quintessence is a Tier V resource that may be utilized in Alchemy in the New World. It may be used in Arcana and Stonecutting recipes, and gem cutters will need to store up on them to cut Pristine gems. Fortunately, finding them isn’t difficult if you know where to look. We’ll teach you how to get Quintessence (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Soul, Life, and Death) in New World so you may create strong things in this tutorial.

In the New World, there are seven different kinds of Quintessence:

  1. Quintessence of the Earth
  2. Quintessence of Life
  3. Quintessence of the Soul
  4. Quintessence of Water
  5. Quintessence of Air
  6. Quintessence of Death
  7. Quintessence of Fire

In the New World, how do you acquire Quintessence?

In New World, there are two methods to get each kind of Quintessence. You may create them in an Arcane Repository using an Elemental Infusion recipe, or you can find them in the wild. Here’s what you’ll need to create each Quintessence:

  • Quintessence of the Earth – Three Earth Essences
  • Quintessence of Life – Three Life Essences
  • Soul Quintessence consists of three soul essences.
  • Quintessence of Water – 3 Water Essence
  • Quintessence of Air – 3 Air Essence
  • Quintessence of Death – 3 Death Essence
  • Quintessence of Fire – 3 Fire Essence

You must be at a Tier 5 Arcane Repository and have a 125 Arcana skill level to participate. If you don’t have any Alchemy abilities, you may get these things from different animals and places in the New World.

Where in the New World can you discover Earth Quintessence?

Lambent Ursus, in the Reekwater region, is the source of Earth Quintessence. These elite bear gangs may be found in Reekwater’s Lambent Muskeg area. Take cautious, since these people are dangerous. You’ll also want to make sure you’re at least level 100 in mining. This is a fantastic method to get Fae Iron.

Earth Quintessence may also be obtained from Hortus Bears in Weaver’s Fen if you are a lower level. These are level 30 silver elite monsters that drop Lodestone in southern Weaver’s Fen. To harvest them, you’ll require level 100 mining, much like the other bears in Reekwater.

  • New World Earth Quintessence - Weaver's Fen
  • New World Earth Quintessence - Reekwater

Where in the New World can you discover Life Quintessence?

Bronzegrove Terrawolf in Brightwood provides Life Quintessence. To harvest the wolves, you’ll need to have at least 100 Logging abilities. Per kill, you may get anything from 0 to 4 Life Quintessence as well as some Wyrdwood. In addition, there’s a monster in the region named Meldue who drops a level 40 Legendary sword!

In the New World, where can you get Soul Quintessence?

Glimmerfen Stag in Reekwater provides Soul Quintessence. These deer will leave bright blue orbs on the ground if you follow them around carefully. You only have a few seconds to loot the Elemental Essence piles, but you may get up to three Soul Quintessence each pile.

Where in the New World can you discover Water Quintessence?

Tundramouth Burrow in Great Cleave is the source of Water Quintessence. The Old Blue Eyes mob may be killed and the corpse mined for a chance of 1-2 Quintessence each kill. It takes around six minutes for you to respawn, so you’ll have to be patient if you want to properly farm this. 

Where in the New World can you discover Air Quintessence?

Air Quintessence’s present position in the globe is unknown. Air Quintessence may still be made using 3 Air Essences. 4 Air Wisps are required for each Air Essence, and each Air Wisp needs 5 Air Motes. Air Motes may be obtained from Shockbulb and Shockspire, as well as Alchemy Crates in Zones 0-18.

Where in the New World can you discover Death Quintessence?

Death Quintessence’s present position in the globe is unknown. Death Quintessence may still be made with three Death Essences. Each Death Wisp needs 5 Death Motes, and each Death Essence requires 4 Death Wisps. Death Motes may be obtained from Blightroot, Blightcrag, and Blightmoth, as well as Alchemy Crates in zone levels 0-18.

In the New World, where can you get Fire Quintessence?

The address is The location of Fire Quintessence in the globe is unclear at this time. With 3 Fire Essences, you can still make Fire Quintessence. 4 Fire Wisps are needed for each Fire Essence, and each Fire Wisp needs 5 Fire Motes. Fire Motes may be found in zone levels 0-18 from Dragonglory, Scorchstone, and Salamander Snail, as well as Alchemy Crates and Stockpiles.

It goes without saying that you could get all of these Quintessences at a reasonable price at the Trading Post.

This brings us to the end of our tutorial on finding Quintessence in New World. Check out the New World area of our website for additional relevant information, tutorials, and more.

The wyrdwood tree new world is a location in the game that has been added to World of Warcraft. It can be found at level 60 and it is recommended for players who are level 70 or higher.

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