Oculus Quest VR Headsets to Drop Facebook Account Requirement Next Year

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Oculus Quest, a new VR headset from the company that no longer needs a Facebook account to run. The change comes with a few caveats, but is likely to boost sales for Oculus and also other companies in its space.

The “oculus quest 2 facebook bypass 2021” is a rumor that the Oculus Quest VR headsets will be dropping the Facebook account requirement next year. This rumor was released in early 2019, but it has not been confirmed by Oculus yet.

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Owners of the Oculus Quest 2 will no longer need a Facebook account to utilize their VR headsets starting next year. This is according to Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of AR/VR, who published a message on his page hinting that the contentious restriction would be removed next year. Bosworth assured that the team was looking for new methods for Quest users to check in without having to join up for the world’s largest social network, but no specific timetable was mentioned.

According to Bosworth:

We’re working on additional methods to connect into Quest that don’t need a Facebook account, which will be available sometime next year, as we’ve focused more on work and received input from the VR community more generally. Internally, this is one of our most important areas of effort.

Bosworth goes on to say that the business behind Facebook, now known as Meta, is going all out with its new identity. Meta Quest and Meta Quest App will replace Oculus Quest and Oculus App, respectively.

VR will be the most immersive method for individuals to enter the metaverse, and we want to be clear that Quest is a Meta product as we work toward our goal of getting 1 billion people into VR. As a result, we’re streamlining our brand architecture and moving our hardware away from the Oculus brand. Starting in early 2022, you’ll see a gradual transition from Oculus Quest to Facebook and Oculus App to Meta Quest App.

We all have a tremendous commitment to the Oculus brand, so making this choice was quite tough. While the hardware will be rebranded, Oculus will remain a vital component of our DNA and will continue to live on via software and developer tools.

According to a tweet from Bosworth, Oculus customers who unlink their Facebook accounts would still be able to retain their paid content.


October 29, 2021 — Boz (@boztank)

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The “oculus deactivate facebook” is a rumor that has been floating around for awhile. The rumor says that Oculus will be removing the Facebook account requirement for their VR headsets next year.

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