TFT Yordle Build Beginner’s Guide

In League of Legends, a new champion has been released every two weeks. Between the releases and upcoming patches, there’s always something to do in-game. But what about those first few games on your brand spanking fresh account? We’ve created this quick starter guide for anyone looking to understand how runes work or who wants a bit more guidance from their TFT Yordle Build Beginner’s Guide!

Yordles are the most fun champions in League of Legends. They’re quirky, they’re silly, and they bring out your inner child – an act that is becoming more difficult as time goes on. The trick to playing with these little guys is learning how their powers work (and what you can do with them).

The “tft guide” is a beginner’s guide to the “TFT Yordle Build”. It will teach you how to play and build your own “TFT Yordle”.

Beginner’s Guide to TFT Yordle Building

Set 6’s Yordles provide a unique perspective on synergy benefits, since the boost they provide has never been seen before. This is presently one of the most popular S tier builds among beginner players due to Yordle compositions’ inherent ability to readily get three star troops. In this Teamfight Tactics Yordle Build Guide, we’ll teach you how to play the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Yordle build and how to equip and place your troops throughout the early, mid, and late game, as well as which Hextech Augments are optimal for this build. It’s never been easier to have many three-star units!

Bonus for Yordle Synergy

3 After each fight with another player, a free Yordle is added to your bench. Yordle’s Abilities are 20% less expensive to cast.

Yordle Build of the Year

  • Poppy
    • Poppy tosses her buckler towards the furthest adversary, causing magic damage equal to a percentage of her Armor. The buckler then bounces back, providing Poppy with a damage-blocking shield.
  • Ziggs
    • Ziggs throws a bomb at his intended target. After a brief wait, the bomb explodes, delivering magic damage to the centered adversary and 50% damage to nearby foes.
  • Lulu
    • Lulu enlarges low-health teammates, increasing their health and knocking down opponents in their vicinity. They are healed instead if the ally is already expanded.
  • Tristana
    • Tristana launches a gigantic cannonball towards her target, inflicting a percentage of her Attack Damage as well as physical damage to the first opponent it strikes. The target gets thrown back a few hexes and temporarily stunned if they are within 2 hexes of Tristana.
  • Heimerdinger
    • Heimerdinger launches a barrage of five rockets at his target, each of which does magical damage to the first opponent it hits. Heimerdinger instead summons three waves every third spell.
  • Vex
    • Vex protects herself from harm for 4 seconds. When the shield expires, it delivers magic damage to all opponents within two hexes, plus extra damage if the shield was not destroyed. Personal Space gets 25% stronger this conflict if it is destroyed. This impact has the potential to stack.
  • Janna
    • Janna conjures a Monsoon, which knocks foes back and stuns them. Over the course of three seconds, the Monsoon heals your team.
  • Veigar
    • Veigar summons Furyhorns to attack random opponents for a few seconds, each delivering magic damage.

Guide to the Chemtech Team Competition

Early in the game

As quickly as possible, get the Yordle-three bonus. Every combat against a player in whom Yordle synergy isn’t active implies one fewer Yordle unit on your squad. Before reaching the middle game, you’ll want to run Tristana, Ziggs, Blitzcrank, Kog’Maw, and Vex, although any combination of at least three Yordles will suffice. To get all Yordles to level two, focus on building a robust economy and rerolling surplus Gold.

Mid Game

You should have all six Yordles active throughout the middle game since they’re all low-cost and simple to get. Continue to use your extra Gold to purchase as many Yordles as you can. Before reaching level 7, the aim is to go as near to several three-star Yordles as possible. Poppy, Ziggs, Lulu, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Vex are the main characters in this build.

Late Game

Work on getting all of the Yordles to three stars, leveling up to level 8, and adding Janna and Veigar to the squad during the late game. Janna’s ultimate may be very beneficial late in the game, since it clears any back-line invaders who may be attempting to attack your carry. She also bestows the Scrap, Enchanter, and Scholar (2) boosts on your squad.

Hextech Enhancements & Recommended Items

The Bloodthirster, Tristana Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer Warmog’s Armor, Bramble Vest, and Dragon’s Claw are all Vex items. Zephyr, Lulu’s Chalice of Power, and Zeke’s Herald

Any Augment that gives you additional Experience or Gold for re-rolling, as well as team stat increases and Augments that may damage/debuff opponents or supply your team with Shields, are all good Hectech Augments.

Positioning of Units

Vex is currently one of the most excellent tanks because to how effectively her ability and tank itemization work together. This is why, along with Poppy, he’s in the front lines. Tristana, Veigar, Ziggs, and Heimerdinger are in the final row of the rear line, with Lulu and Janna in the third row (from the front).

TFT Yordle Build Unit Positioning

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