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Dark Souls 2 is a challenging and difficult game, but it also rewards players with powerful weapons. Here are the best strength weapons in the game.

The dark souls 2 best strength weapon pve is a weapon that will help you in your journey through the world of Dark Souls II. It is one of the most powerful weapons and will give you an edge against other players.

Physical damage weapons in Dark Souls are split into three categories:

Quality-based on strength, dexterity, and strength.

Dexterity weapons are tiny, fast, and agile, while strength weapons are massive, slow-moving hunks of metal. You can generally detect the difference from afar.

I’ve taken the luxury of highlighting some of the finest options from different weapon categories so that this post doesn’t wind up appearing like one huge hammer shopping list.

Furthermore, everyone of these weapons is incredible. You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

So take my strong hand in yours and let’s look at the best instruments for flattening your foes and turning them into pancakes.


10. Greatbow with Twin Heads

Dark Souls 2 Twin-Headed Greatbow gameplay screenshot

We’ll get things started with a… bow?

Yes, that’s correct. Who says ranged strength weapons can’t be effective?

In this game, there are a few greatbows to select from, and the majority of them scale with strength.

Despite its slowness, I selected Twin-Headed since it offers the greatest damage and the largest range.

It’s simply so much fun to snipe everything with your own own ballista!

How to acquire it: Go to Frozen Eleum Loyce and look for treasure.


9. Axe of the Bandit

Dark Souls 2 Bandit Axe gameplay screenshot

There are a few items on our list for individuals who wish to go the strong way without using anything sluggish and bulky.

The Bandit Axe doesn’t axe much of you in return, but it does have a good moveset and deals a lot of damage.

It also gets extra points for being a weapon that you can obtain early in the game and start improving.

How to acquire it: Parasite Spiders dropped it, and it was discovered at No-Wharf Man’s with the Brigand Set.


Bident, the Gargoyle

Dark Souls 2 Gargoyle Bident gameplay screenshot

A spear should always be the obvious choice for those who wish to remain as far away as possible while dealing great damage.

The Gargoyle Bident has the greatest strength scaling and attack rating of all of the spars. That should be enough to persuade you to get it.

It should also be mentioned that, like with any other spear, the amount of damage you inflict is determined by how far your opponent is away from you – the further away, the better!

Trade the Belfry Gargoyle Soul to Straid of Olaphis to obtain it.


7. The Tooth of the Dragon

Dark Souls 2 Dragon Tooth gameplay screenshot

In our Dark Souls existence, Havel the Rock has bestowed many blessings upon us.

His impregnable greatshield has already been mentioned, and his armour set is among the finest.

Now we learn that his weapon isn’t half-bad either!

The Dragon Tooth is our list’s first “steamroller” weapon, and it is magnificent.

It’s powerful enough to destroy anything. As an added benefit, wielding it grants you additional magic and fire resistance.

What a bargain!

How to acquire it: Dragon Aerie’s Treasure and Belfry Luna’s Treasure.


6. Scimitar of Red Rust

Dark Souls 2 Red Rust Scimitar gameplay screenshot

Today’s headlines include:

Everything is better when you develop strength!

The Red Rust Scimitar is a curved sword with the greatest attack rating and strength scaling of any weapon in its class.

Its relative speed may appeal to certain players, and it is a good sidearm weapon to employ in circumstances when other great-weapons are too cumbersome.

Because of how well the scimitar responds to them, infusions are also something to bear in mind.

How to acquire it: Head of Vengarl sells it after he kills his body.


5. The Greataxe of the Drakekeeper

Dark Souls 2 Drakekeeper’s Greataxe screenshot

I’ve misled, deceived, and perhaps bamboozled you.

Although the name of this weapon is “Greataxe,” it is really two weapons in one.

Both of the Drakekeeper’s amazing weapons are excellent choices.

The primary difference between them is their moveset, with the greataxe giving up some attack rating in exchange for a little more reach.

I just chose the greataxe for some added variety in the list, since there were already many hammers.

The axe may be found in a chest in Dragon Shrine, while the Drakekeepers that wield it will drop the hammer.


4. Twinblade of Red Iron

Dark Souls 2 Red Iron Twinblade gameplay screenshot

Following that, we have arguably the strangest item on our list.

Although the Red Iron is the slowest of the twinblades, it is still quicker than most strength-based weapons.

It may also seem feeble and little when compared to a hammer.

Well, I’m here to inform you that this deathstick has amazing physical and poise damage (a Stone Ring is suggested), tracking (unlike other greatweapons), and is very durable!

Seriously, 175 abrasion resistance?

Before this bad boy has to be fixed, you’ll be able to finish the game.

How to acquire it: In the Shrine of Amana, a treasure was discovered on a corpse.


Mastodon Halberd is number three in the Mastodon family.

Dark Souls 2 Mastodon Halberd gameplay screenshot

Since this is the third time I’ve mentioned it, it’s a weapon that’s rather well-known around these parts, having been a finalist on both my Best Halberds and my “Best Lightningsticks” lists… or something along those lines.

This halberd, wielded by the gigantic Mastodons, is an excellent option for any muscular hollow with the necessary power.

It may cause massive physical harm — or, if you want something spicier, try infusing it with anything hot, since it responds well to any ingredient.

Primal Knights drop it as a reward.


2. The Word of God

Dark Souls 2 Greatsword screenshot

The greatsword (which is a super greatsword, by the way) may be the actual greatest strength weapon (for most players) coming all the way from Berserk.

Swords, in all of their forms, are excellent weapons, owing to their extensive moveset.

The greatsword offers everything you could possibly desire in a weapon, including range, damage, and a fantastic moveset to top it all off.

This, along with the Tower Shield, may be obtained extremely early.

And if you succeed, congratulations: you’ve just unlocked Dark Souls 2’s easy mode!

Note from the author:

For a greater investment, the King’s Ultra Greatsword may have a better attack rating, so choose and choose!

How to acquire it: Head of Vengarl sells it, and it may be found in a chest at No-Wharf, Man’s or it can be dropped by Royal Guards and Greatsword Phantoms.


1. Hammer of the Smelter

Dark Souls 2 Smelter Hammer screenshot

Legend has it that a powerful warrior brandished a flaming chicken leg and wreaked devastation on all in his path.

The Smelter Hammer is the universe’s BFG, with the potential for the greatest attack rating in the game.

It is deserving of the top position not just because of its incredible strength, but also because of the hysterical sensation you get when holding one – let alone powerstancing two of them.

The large hitbox guarantees that your victim will be hit almost 100% of the time, quickly transforming them into a popular breakfast item.

Using a charcoal pine resin will bring out the real shape of the beautiful chicken leg for further humor.

How to acquire it: Iron Warriors drop it.

The dark souls 2 best weapons is a topic that many gamers are interested in. Dark Souls 2 has some of the best weapons in gaming history.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best strength weapon in Dark Souls?

The best strength weapon in Dark Souls is the greatsword.

What is the best strength weapon?

The best strength weapon is the sword.

What is the best boss weapon in Dark Souls 2?

The best boss weapon in Dark Souls 2 is the Dragon Greatsword.

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