What’s point of Gargoyle Stoneplate having decaying shield ? Lategame of tanks.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is a shield that has been in the game for a long time, but it has one major flaw. It decays over time and can’t be repaired. In some games, this would not be an issue, but in others it can make or break a player’s chances of winning.

The gargoyle stoneplate season 11 is a question that has been asked many times. It’s one of the reasons that Gargoyle Stoneplate was not popular in the lategame of tanks.

Tldr is at the bottom.

Every other item has a permanent, non-decaying shield. Immortal shieldbow takes 3 seconds, Sterak gage takes 4 seconds, and Maw of Malmortius takes 5 seconds. Furthermore, Sterak and Maw shields have a 60-second cooldown, while Gargoyle Stoneplate has a 90-second cooldown. Stoneplate only lasts 2.5 seconds before disintegrating. Tank equipment, like as bruisers, don’t even provide extra health for some unexplained reason. Why can’t it stay three seconds and be non-decaying like others, especially when the shield is similar to sterak’s?


I don’t believe that a tank with 2.5 seconds of invisibility (even on every tank) would be game-breaking (also zhonia last 2.5s). You can nerf sion of cho’gat if it’s too powerful, but given serpent fang exist and Dinive Sunderer shredded those champions, I don’t believe they’d be gamebreaking…

(They may also buff them in 11.19.) 910 pbe update summoner icons emotes - What's point of Gargoyle Stoneplate having decaying shield ? Lategame of tanks.



Tank things have a poor gold efficiency since they are very powerful with only one item (bramble + steelcaps complete build meme). I believe the idea of Stoneplate being a Rabadon-ish(also Infinity Egde) kind of item is a nice one since it allows tanks to stay tanky late in the game without having to rely on extremely powerful 1-2 item spikes.

However, although the stoneplate 25% bonus rezists seem to be a lot, the benefit is considerably lower than you would think when you do the arithmetic.

I’m not sure whether I need to explain the ehp increase formula:

( (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( (only passive bonus at 5 stacks)

Assume our champion has a basic armor of 100 and an MR of 50.

Stoneplate boosts ehp by 7.14 percent if it’s our sole mr item.

If we have 150 extra mr in total (for example, mercurials+abyssal mask+stoneplate), the increase is 12.5 percent.

The increase is 12.5 percent if we have a total of 200 extra armor (thormail+any sunfire+stoneplate+deadman).


Perhaps the passive of the item should be boosted to 30%?

If you aren’t playing: rammus and malphite, the Ehp boost is considerably lower than you would anticipate. Furthermore, everyone will have a built-in armor pen (Darius e 35%, Wukong q 30%), black cleaver, ldr, serylda, voidstaff, reducing ehp boost even further, since rezists are less effective. Meanwhile, slow from Frozen Heart increases your ehp against adc by 25% (and also near teammates), asthma chain by 42.8 percent + 42.8 rezists (that cannot be decreased by pen) against the largest thread.


Also, the construction route is a little shabby. Because this item is usually built as the fourth item (unless you’re cho’gat), having three components makes little sense (in fact, it’s one of the most costly things). I believe that constructing it from two Aegis of the Legion would be more efficient than having to wait on null magic for an additional 1050g. That means the item would provide 20 haste instead of 15, but the cost could be increased by 100g, which is what I required. You may make it a lifeline in case bruisers misuse it.



Tldr: Stoneplate, like radadon or infinity edge, should be a genuine lategame tank gear; it’s a better approach to balance tanks than having an insanely powerful “bramble + stelcaps” spike. The shield should last three seconds and not degrade (made lifeline if bruisers would abuse it). Buildpath does not create a seanse for that costly item, which is built as the fourth item. It’s more seane if you make it out of two Aegis of Legion.

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Stoneplate armor is a piece of armor that has been used by many classes throughout World of Warcraft. It has an offensive capability, but it also has a decaying shield. The point of the decaying shield is to allow tanks to get more defense in later stages. Reference: stoneplate armor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gargoyle Stoneplate reduce true damage?

Yes, it does.

Does gargoyles reduce true damage?

Yes, they do.

How does gargoyle Stoneplate work?

Stoneplate is a shield that you can use to protect yourself from the deadly attacks of enemies. It has a high chance of deflecting any incoming attack, so its best for players who are at low health.

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