With Destiny becoming such a long term game it would be neat if Bungie implemented veteran rewards. (Kinda like Ultima Online did 20 years ago)

Destiny 2 is a long-term game with an end goal of reaching the pinnacle of power. If Bungie implemented veteran rewards, it would incentivize players to continue playing for years without feeling like they are wasting their time.

The withawonder is a question that has been asked multiple times. Bungie could implement veteran rewards in Destiny to make it more like Ultima Online did 20 years ago.

With Destiny being almost seven years old and a promising future, I’d like to see some kind of Veteran award system implemented. It could be incorporated to the Bungie Reward system, which is currently in place and working well.

Ultima Online’s system was my favorite example of this kind of system. I began playing it when it first came out in the late 1990s. They developed veteran awards after a few years, not just to reward those players who had stayed around, but also, I believe, to encourage people to continue around longer. These prizes were one-of-a-kind and very amazing. One was a unique color dye tank that you could use to dye your clothing. Another was a mount that could be summed at will and could never be lost. These were things that told the other players how long you’d been playing and how much you like it. These awards were divided into levels according on how long you had been playing Ultima (12 months, 18 months, 36 months, etc)

It would be a wonderful thank you to all of the Destiny gamers who have put in so much effort. We all know how much people like bragging about how long they’ve been playing since the beta began. Hardcore gamers like displaying and talking about their passion for the game.

There are many ways to figure out how much time a player has in Destiny:

  1. Begin counting from the first time a player entered the game. Since some athletes just participated for a month and then took years off, this may not be the greatest option.
  2. Count how many hours a person has spent playing Destiny. We know this information is accessible since a number of websites can tell you how many hours you’ve spent playing Destiny.
  3. For each day a person logged in and played, give them a credit. This would prevent gamers from securing their controllers with rubber bands and running in circles.

Other than the obvious, I have no clue about potential rewards:

  1. A unique shader that could only be obtained as a veteran award. Pure white or black, for example, are topics that gamers have inquired about.
  2. Emblems, emotes, ships, and sparrows are all unique. Ships and sparrows should be one-of-a-kind.
  3. Sets of armor
  4. A game with several levels based on how long you’ve been playing.
  5. A real seal that can be purchased from the Bungie shop.


I’d be interested in hearing any other suggestions for a system like this. Ideas for wacky incentives or how to put the system in place.



Bungie should include a veteran player award system, in my opinion. Bungie could figure out how long a player has been playing Destiny in a variety of ways, all of which should be done in a manner that prevents cheating. The awards may range from a basic shader to a tiered/gilded title system. Veteran awards, I believe, might be a simple method for Bungie to gain goodwill from their loyal core gamers and supporters.

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The lsf higher or lower is a command that allows users to see the levels of their characters. If Bungie implemented veteran rewards, it would be neat if they made it so that the highest level was 20 and the lowest was 1.

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