2021 Mensa Select Winners Announced

In a recent announcement, the Mensa Select Program has announced the winners of their 2021 competition. The winners will be competing in a series of challenges to earn the title of “Mensa Select” and compete for a $10,000 cash prize.

The mensa select 2021 is the list of winners for the Mensa Select Program. It was announced on December 26th, 2018.

The winners of the 2021 Mensa Select competition were revealed on September 16, 2021. After a year of silence, the association for geniuses has revealed the board games that have received the coveted stamp of approval, indicating that they are the best in terms of idea, difficulty, and design.

Following almost four days of continuous gaming at Mensa’s 2021 World Gathering, American Mensa and Mensa members have awarded ten tabletop games the prestigious title:

  • FoxMind Games’ Pirates of Bermuda
  • Renegade Game Studios’ Parks ClipCut
  • Renegade Game Studios’ Delirium’s Gates
  • Gridopolis is a game developed by Gridopolis Games.
  • IELLO USA’s Ishtar: Babylonian Gardens
  • Indie Boards & Cards’ Kodama 3D
  • Pandasaurus Games’ Mental Obstacles
  • Breaking Games’ Stripes
  • Jellybean Games’ Pillage in the Village
  • Digby Doo’s WHO DOES KNOW WHO?

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Bermuda Pirates Board Game

Bermuda Pirates

Bermuda Pirates is a unique game in which players’ boats are actually kidnapped by the water while attempting to get the riches. Each player must use just one finger to propel their boat to the treasure island in the middle of the board and collect some riches. Avoid whirlpools (magnets) since your boat may sink, forcing you to restart! The player who collects four distinct types of riches first wins. The games last around 20–30 minutes for 2–4 players.

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ClipCut Parks Board Game

ClipCut Parks

ClipCut Parks is a first of its type, with the first roll-and-cut game pioneering roll-and-write gameplay. Your assistance is required by the city! The mayor has asked you to construct a series of beautiful parks with vegetation to help improve the cityscape. Use your snipping skills to cut a park full of brilliant multi-colored elements with a pair of scissors and a strategy. The player who completes five park cards first is the winner. The games run around 30 minutes for 1–4 participants.

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Gates of Delirium Board Game

Gates of Delirium

The players are dealt a hand of split action cards, one side of which is sane and the other crazy. Every round, one player chooses whether the game will be sane or crazy, and all players must play the corresponding side of their cards. During normal rounds, players look for maps and missing pages from a hidden tome while sending detectives to assist them. Players gather ancient runes and strive to construct gates to unleash the monstrosities that their rational selves have been working so hard to comprehend and avoid throughout crazy rounds. The player with the most victory points wins. Games last 30–45 minutes for 2–4 players.

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Gridopolis Board Game Overview


Gridopolis is a strategy game that takes place in three dimensions. You get the concept if you’ve ever played checkers or chess. We’re just now playing in 3D. This means you have complete freedom to move, leap, and play in any direction! You may travel in all directions, including horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, as well as over several floors. Game play takes place in a three-dimensional environment known as a grid-set, thanks to an ingenious (but surprisingly basic) structural framework. In addition, unlike previous games, the grid-set is dynamic and evolves as the game progresses. Games for 2–4 players last approximately 15–90 minutes.

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Ishtar Gardens of Babylon Board Game

Ishtar: Babylonian Gardens

Ishtar is a game in which you play as a gardener attempting to turn the barren desert into Babylon’s Lost Hanging Gardens. To complete your goal, you’ll need to grow flowers to aid in the collection of valuable jewels and the activation of activities. Collecting gems will be essential whether you buy Trees (to block spaces) or upgrade (to get points). Get them ahead of your opponents, hire apprentices, send them to earn points in the flower fields you’ve planted, block others, and carefully consider the improvements you’ll need to become the greatest. The games last around 45 minutes for 2–4 participants.

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Kodama 3D Tree Board Game

Kodama 3D

Trees will be grown in three-dimensional space by the players. In order to add branches to their tree, players slide their kodama pieces across a 44-square grid of branch tiles. When a player adds a branch to their tree that doesn’t match what it’s touching, they may pick from the available goal cards. Players score all of their goal cards once they have planted 12 branches on their tree. The player who scores the most points is the winner. Games last 30–40 minutes for 2–4 players.

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Mental Blocks Board Game

Mental Blocks

Mental Blocks is a perplexing perspective game in which players attempt to solve a puzzle with large foam blocks while only seeing one side of the design. You must work together to solve the problem as a group, but there is a time restriction, so don’t simply stare at the pieces. In addition to the time constraint, players face additional obstacles such as being unable to speak or touch specific color blocks. Games take 10–20 minutes for 2–9 players.

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Stripes Board Game


On the table, players have a row of seven cards with numerous horizontal lines in a range of colors. The objective is to create a single color stripe that runs the length of your card set. You choose one of the action cards to alter your cards each turn: flip, swap, steal, draw, and so on. Each round, depending on the number of participants, a certain set of activities is accessible. How many movements will it take you to finish your stripe and win the game? Games last 10–20 minutes for 2–6 players.

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Village Pillage Board Game

Village Pillage

Be the first to gather three turnip relics, defend your boundaries, and assault your neighbors! Players select two cards from their hand at the same time and play one against each of their neighbors. All of the cards are revealed at the same time and then resolved in sequence. Farmers grow turnips, Walls keep Raiders at bay, Raiders steal turnips, and Merchants either replenish your hand with fresh cards or assist you in purchasing a relic. All of the cards are returned to the player’s hand, and the new round starts! The player who collects all three royal relics wins. Games take approximately 20 minutes for 2–5 players.

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Who Knows Who Board Game


Answering question cards chosen by other players is the game’s difficulty. You will be debited if you do not properly answer a question. If you obtain four Debits, the player who asked you your previous question will give you a Task. A Task is a project, favor, item, job, assignment, or other task that must be performed after the game has ended. There are methods to reduce or even remove a Task. On your customized Tracker Card, it’s simple to keep track of any Debits you may get.

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The mensa mind games 2022 is a game that was developed to test the minds of people who are members of the Mensa society. It was announced that the winners would be announced in 2021.

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