Hitman 3 Season of Envy roadmap –New weapons, Contracts, outfits, challenges, and more

The Hitman 3 Season of Envy roadmap includes new weapons, Contracts, outfits, challenges, and more. With the release of Season 2 in 2018, fans can expect a fresh start with a revamped gameplay experience.

Io Interactive has published the Hitman 3 Season of Envy Roadmap, which details all of the new features coming to the game this season. Season of Envy seems like the most substantial addition to the Season of Sins Collection to yet, with more new missions, unlocked prizes, and other features than any other DLC for the game this year. This timeline includes everything that will be added to the game between now and October 25.

Act 6 – Envy Season: September 28

hitman-3-patch-3.7-season-of-envyImage courtesy of Io Interactive

Hitman 3: The Envy Contention will get a fresh new Escalation today. The Escalation challenges players to murder another assassin’s targets before they do, as defined by Envy. You’ll get the Odium Suit, the Cat’s Claw Knife, and the Jaeger 7 Green Eye Sniper Rifle after finishing this Escalation.

The 28th Annual Rave On Suit will take place on September 28th.

rave-on-suit-hitman-3Image courtesy of Io Interactive

The Rave On Suit, which was formerly exclusive to Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition DLC The Lesley Celebration Escalation, is now accessible to all Hitman 3 players. By finishing a new task in Berlin, you may unlock the suit.

The Perplexing Target From October 1 to 11, The Ascensionist will be on the road.

the-ascensionist-hitman-3-elusive-targetImage courtesy of Io Interactive

This season’s Elusive Target is the Ascensionist. Players must eliminate a con artist attempting to get to the top of the social ladder in this game set in Dubai. You’ll only have one opportunity to take down this target, so make the most of it.

Colorado: From October 7 to 17, you may play for free.

play-for-free-colorado-hitman-3Image courtesy of Io Interactive

Colorado from Hitman 2016 is this season’s free destination. Players may murder multiple targets at the site, and the free time corresponds with Season of Envy’s second Elusive Target. However, you only have a few days to take them out, so act fast if you don’t want to buy the property.

On October 7th, there will be an Fhammerly Affair.

a-fhammerly-affair-hitman-3-dartmoorImage courtesy of Io Interactive

During Season of Envy, a new challenge will be introduced to Dartmoor, allowing players to permanently acquire the Claw Hammer, a non-lethal melee weapon.

Cover Sniper Rifle: Jaeger 7: October 7

jaeger-7-covert-sniper-rifle-hitman-3Image courtesy of Io Interactive

From October 7, players in Berlin will be able to acquire the Jaeger 7 Covert Sniper Rifle by completing a new sniper-based challenge. This will permanently add the weapon to your inventory.

Contracts Featured on Io Interactive: October 7

This season’s first round of new Featured Contracts comes from Io Interactive. Three new Featured Contracts will be available for players to do, all of them are based on jealousy. Because they are being created by the same folks that created Hitman 3, they should be more difficult than the normal Featured Contracts.

October 7th, Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert Ducky Edition

how-to-unlock-the-hackl-sniper-rifle-covert-ducky-edition-in-hitman-3Photographed by

Along with Io Interactive’s batch, a new prize for completing 60 Featured Contracts will be introduced. For devoted Hitman 3 players, the Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert Ducky Edition is the ultimate prize.

The Perplexing Target The Bookkeeper runs from October 15 through October 25.

hitman-3-the-bookkeeper-elusive-targetPhotographed by

The Bookkeeper is the season’s second Elusive Target. He’ll be in Colorado, and gamers must murder him and take his ledger. With a Silent Assassin rating, this won’t be an easy target to take down, so practice as much as possible before he comes. You may unlock the Tactical Gear With Hunters Hat outfit for your collection by taking him out.

Contracts Featured in the Hitman Community for October 21

Three new Featured Contracts will be added to the Hitman community towards the conclusion of the season. All of them will be themed around envy, and Io Interactive has challenged gamers to make them as tough as possible in order to make the rest of the community jealous of their abilities.