Best landing spots on Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 11: Escape

Storm Point is the first point on Apex Legends’ map where you’ll automatically spawn after dying. There are three different routes to Storm Point: The South entrance, West entrance and East Entrance each offer unique rewards or areas to explore. Here’s a breakdown of what lies ahead for every other surviving player as they make their way through this perilous patch of land!

Storm Point is one of the best areas to land on in Apex Legends Season 11. The map has a lot of high points that are good for landing, and there are also some spots that have a lot of cover.

In Apex Legends, you may drop in to a variety of locales. Choosing a solid beginning place is crucial since it may sometimes set the tone for the remainder of the game. Storm Point was released for Apex Legends Season 11: Escape. These, we feel, are some of the greatest landing sites on the Storm Point map, putting you and your Apex Legends squad on the right track.

Storm Point’s best landing locations

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Cascade Falls are a series of waterfalls that cascade down

Then there’s Cascade Falls, which is located in the heart of Storm Point. While it’s a hazardous decision for most players, you can always veer north and land exactly in the centre of The Wall and the Command Center. Both of these alternatives are viable solutions. If you’re used to it, the Command Center may be an excellent close-quarters confrontation.

Cave of Cenote

The Cenote Caves are another excellent place to start the game. With multiple openings in the cave system, the region is partly covered, making it a good landing spot if you need some shelter. If you want to go to the Barometer, you can trek through a little tunnel and fight the spiders, earning Materials if you can get them all out.


Checkpoint is a good place to start since you have a few options for escaping. You’ll have the option of connecting to the North Pad or The Wall, or slipping through to the Cascade Falls or returning to The Mill. Checkpoint is a good halt for anybody who isn’t sure where they want to lead their squad via Storm Point since there are various options accessible.

Farms that raise fish

The Fish Farms, like the Rod of Lightning, are located in the extreme southeast corner of Storm Point. There are a few more open spots to make navigating it harder, and there’s a little quantity of water around, but if your squad is the only one that reaches here, you’ll have the option of heading north to the Launch Pad or west to the Station Gale.

Gale Station

When it comes to the Gale Station, it’s a great place for your squad to start an Apex Legends battle. As you pick through the crates, you may have the north wall to your back, offering your squad lots of cover and overwatch options. Only other teams arriving from around the corners of the giant rock or from the fish farms should be a concern. Between the Gale Station and the Fish Farms, though, there is a lot of open land. You’ll be able to see them approaching.

Lightning Rod

You won’t always be able to use the Lightning Rod. It all relies on the route of your drop ship, so if you want to aim for the Lightning Rod, keep that in mind. Having saying that, there are a number of treasure boxes to be found here. The disadvantage of this strategy is that if numerous teams travel to Thunder Watch, your team may be trapped in a corner.

North Pad

The North Pad is the last destination. It’s at the map’s northwest corner, on the outskirts at the top. If your drop ship comes close, it’s a good beginning position, with a few Supply bins to outfit your crew at the start of the game. You’ll have numerous alternatives depending on how things appear, giving it a versatile map spot for any keen Apex Legends squad.

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