Where to put every item in 2007 – Unpacking item placement guide

In 2007, with the release of The Golden Compass 《2007 》 by New Line Cinema, a new trend in film-making was born. Since then studios have been steadily crafting cinematic universes and compressing level design to make sure that each item is where it needs to be at all times. In this guide we’ll go over how items are placed throughout every sequence in 2007’s Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix .

There’s a lot of different ways to categorize the items in Fallout 3. It can be difficult deciding where to put particular objects or when trying to figure out how all the loot got into that chest. Check out our guide for item placement, and see what fits your playstyle best!

The “unpack switch game” is a puzzle game that requires players to build a staircase out of the pieces they are given. The goal is to reach the top of the screen without using any stairs.

Although the 2007 level of Unpacking takes place in the biggest house ever, it is also one of the most straightforward. Despite the fact that there are now five rooms to attend to, many objects have already been placed, providing you with plenty of hints as to where the remaining items should be placed. There are a few of new items added here, so here is where you’ll need to place them.

Cleaning up the kitchen

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Starting with the simplest area, the kitchen’s boxes mostly contain items that may be piled with others. All unpacked plates, bowls, and cups, for example, will just need to be carried over to where the others are already (as shown above). Other kitchen gadgets may be housed underneath the pressure cooker in the cabinets and drawers. Only the insect spray and sponges, however, may be stored under the sink.

The newly added star and heart objects are the most difficult to master. These turn out to be magnets that may be placed on the fridge with the others.

The living room is being unpacked.

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The living room’s crates are mostly stuffed with books and video games. The majority of these may be placed on the shelves in the back-right corner, as seen above. You could soon discover that the shelves are bare, with just a board game with the words “Rascal” on its sides remaining. This may be placed in the centre of the room on the lowest half of the tabletop.

Getting the bathroom ready

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2007’s bathroom, like previous levels, requires players to figure out which objects should be left on the sink. These will be commonplace items like toothbrushes, perfumes, hairbrushes, and razors. The safety kit and prescription box may then be stored under the cabinet, while the tampon box and hairspray can be found on the right-hand shelf.

After that, hang the purple towel with the green and orange towels, and place the silver trashcan from the bedroom underneath them. Last but not least, there’s a long wooden brush that may be pulled across the shower’s open hanging.

The dining room is being unpacked.

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The bulk of the unboxed items in the dining room will be placed on the shelves, similar to the living room. As a result, any statue or book should be placed here with similar things. If you’re running out of space, raise the camera to reveal another shelf that has to be filled. Hang the remaining picture frames near the pair already on the wall to finish the space.

The bedroom is being unpacked

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Unfortunately, once you enter the room, it will be absolutely empty, thus there will be no hints. However, start by putting numerous books on the two desk shelves on the left, with the marker and pencil boxes on the far-right shelf. After you open the closet doors, put any socks or bras you find in the drawers, then put the pants and shirts on top of them. The frisbee, vacuum, and gym weights should all be kept in the closet.

All discovered gadgets must be placed on the desk, but the desktop must be placed in the cubby beneath. Stuffed animals and blankets may be arranged on the bed in any order, but any unframed images should be hung on the board above it. Any leftover things may be placed at the foot of the bed to activate the gold star animation, which signifies a job well done.

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