New World Great Axe (Attacks, Abilities & Attribute)

Each lore item has an attack, ability and attribute. These are the three aspects of a weapon that players can acquire in Darkfall: New Dawn. Each aspect is important to crafting items and unlocking new skills for each class.

The “new world great axe dps build” is a new weapon added to the game. It has attacks, abilities, and attributes that make it a powerful weapon for players.

New World Great Axe

In the New World, the Great Axe is a two-handed combat weapon with a moderate attack speed and great damage output.

The Great Axe is often used by players owing to the high amount of damage it can cause and its ability to lure foes into combinations.

The Useful Axe’s charge strikes may do a lot of damage, and the abilities are great for wiping out groups of adversaries.

Attacks of the Great Axe

1) The first assault

The Great Axe is struck from the right, then the left, for a two-hit combination that does 100% slash damage.

2) Heavy Assault

After a brief pause, the Great Axe is swung harder, causing a broad cleave that does 120 percent damage.

3) Attack with a Charge

Holds the Great Axe in place for a little longer before releasing a bigger swing against opponents, causing 160 percent slash damage.

Exceptional Axe SkillsNWDGABD-2

1) The Grim Reaper (Active Abilities)

The Reaper tree, which focuses on pushing forward into combat, lets players to concentrate on gaining ground on the opponent and ensuring that they can be drawn in to be killed off.

The Reaper tree has the following abilities:

A) Charge

When your character reaches a target, he charges 10 meters towards them and does 120 percent weapon damage. Attacking while this ability is active will cause the charge to cease and the attack to be dealt with early.

The following are examples of charge passive upgrades:

  • Frenzied Momentum – Charge now does 120–140 percent damage depending on how far you go.
  • Unpredictable Strike — You may now launch a heavy strike while charging, prompting your character to come to a halt and unleash a swing attack that does 140–165 percent weapon damage.

B) Reap

Your character’s Great Axe extends forward up to 5 meters, luring adversaries towards you and causing 110 percent weapon damage.

The following are examples of passive upgrades:

  • The range between Collector and Reap has been extended by 8 meters.
  • Hunger – Thirty percent of the damage you do to Reap is healed to you.
  • Fatal Attraction – After using Reap to draw foes in, you launch a spin strike that does 115 percent weapon damage to enemies within range.

C) Put it into action

Leap into the air and unleash a devastating overhead strike that delivers 200 percent damage to foes and 300 percent damage if they have less than 50% health.

Completing passive improvements entails:

  • Unstoppable Greed – During the assault, Execute accumulates grit, protecting you from being stunned by oncoming strikes.
  • Executioner – Execute gets a 100% critical chance against foes with less than 30% health left.

2) The Grim Reaper (Passive Abilities)

  • Critical Gains – Critical strikes with a Great Axe will heal you for 10% of the damage you’ve taken.
  • Frustration – Every time one of your strikes is stopped by an enemy, you receive a 15 percent damage stack that lasts 10 seconds.
  • Critical damage inflicted is enhanced by 10% with Keen Edge.
  • Feed – Attacking foes with less than 30% health heals you for 10% of the damage you do.
  • Greed – Light strikes with a Great Axe earn you a 5-second stack of 5% damage. (A maximum of three stacking is allowed.)
  • Death’s Embrace – When assaulting foes with less than 50% health, Great Axe strikes get a 10% boost in armor penetration.
  • Critical Condition – Using a Great Axe on an enemy with less than 30% health increases your critical probability by 15%.
  • Executioner’s Speed – Gain 20% haste for 3 seconds when your Great Axe strike hits two or more enemies.
  • When you’re gazing at an adversary within 1.3 meters, you’ll move 30 percent quicker and deliver 15 percent more damage.

3) Tree of Mauler (Active Abilities)

Focuses on providing area-of-effect damage and crowd control, letting you to lock down adversaries and inflict many occurrences of damage in a given area.

Whirlwind (A)

When an adversary is damaged, you will spin and strike adjacent adversaries, causing 50 percent weapon damage and an extra spin. (A maximum of four spins is allowed.)

The following are examples of Whirlwind passive upgrades:

  • Whirlwind’s maximum rotations have been raised to a total of seven.
  • Unending Winds – Whirlwind’s movement speed has been boosted by 50%.
  • Surrounded – If there are three or more foes nearby, you do 30% greater damage.

Maelstrom (B)

Your character performs a quick spinning move that drags adversaries in close to you while causing 110 percent weapon damage.

Passive Maelstrom improvements include:

  • Storm’s Reach – Maelstrom’s pull range has been extended by 50%.
  • When Maelstrom is active, all projectiles are devoured.
  • When utilizing Maelstrom, an extra spin attack is performed, dragging foes in and causing another 110 percent weapon damage.

Gravity Well (C)

Swings up to 99 percent weapon damage, creating a vortex that drags foes within 10 meters for 3 seconds.

When the vortex stops, 125 percent burst weapon damage is done.

Passive enhancements for Gravity Well include:

  • Crowded Well – Each opponent ensnared in the vortex increases burst damage by ten percent.
  • Unyielding – Allies standing in the well earn a 10% fortification bonus.

4) Tree of Mauler (Passive Abilities)

  • Mauler’s Resolve – If you are struck while wielding a Great Axe and have less than 50% health, you will gain 40 stamina. (20-second cooling-off period)
  • Gravity – Your adversary is rooted for 0.25 seconds after producing a pull.
  • When three or more foes are within four meters of each other, damage is enhanced by 10%.
  • Heavy Pull – When adversaries are struck by heavy strikes, they are drawn towards you.
  • Enduring Strike – Heavy Great Axe strikes acquire grit, preventing staggered attacks and lowering incoming damage by 20%.
  • Retaliation – Blocking strikes with a Great Axe deals an extra 5% damage for 5 seconds (Maximum of 3 stacks)
  • When three or more foes are within four meters of you, you get 10% damage absorption.
  • Mauler’s Fury – For 3 seconds, Great Axe hits deal 3 percent damage. (A maximum of ten stacking is allowed.)

Attribute of the Great Axe

Attribute of Strength

Because it is such a powerful and hefty weapon, the Great Axe depends on the Strength attribute while also benefiting from passive advantages.

Increased light and heavy melee attacks, as well as the ability to deliver greater stamina damage later on, are examples of passive perks.

Higher Strength values will do more damage to debuffed adversaries, as well as boost stamina restoration and acquire GRIT while attacking.

Legendary Quest of the Great Axe

When you reach level 60, you may accept the Reformation quest from Phyllis Herb and then pass the task on to Eintou Madaki to accept the Reformation (Epic Great Axe).


The Great Axe is a high-damage weapon, and with the perfect timing, the tradeoff of lowered attack speed for huge damage may be truly amazing.

Due to the GRIT gain chance offered by various talents as well as subsequent attribute boosts, users of the Great Axe can easily execute combos even if they don’t have the right time.

This weapon lets you to charge foes head-on and attack them with brutal power, making it ideal for people who prefer to take a lot of damage and dole out even more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the great AXE good in New World?

A: The Great Axe is not a weapon in New World.

What type of damage is great AXE new world?

A: Great Axe has a range of damage values between 0.1 and 3, so it is considered an average weapon.

Which great AXE tree is better new world?

A: The best Axe that is currently available on the market today is the AXE 3.0, which cost $270.

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