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Anime is a form of animation which typically features colorful and surreal images in an exaggerated, stylized or cute art style. Often referred to as Japanese manga, it has developed into its own unique global industry. While the overall majority of anime are simply adaptations from existing material such as comics, games or novels by other media companies- there are also original anime made exclusively for television broadcast that have seen their fair share of success in recent years.,

With the release of almost every new movie or video game, fans have been eagerly waiting for their favorite characters to appear. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the action in a sprawling series like Attack on Titan, so we’re here to help you out! Here are our picks for 15 fast-paced anime heroes that will blow your mind away!.

The “who is the fastest anime character 2020” is a list of 15 characters that are ranked by how fast they are in an anime. The list has different definitions for what makes up a fast character, but it can be broken down into three categories.

What is your sprinting speed?

That’s for definitely not quick enough!

You will never be able to catch up to these anime speedsters, no matter how much you practice and train.

You’re dead in the blink of an eye.

But, even if we’re not in the same league as these speed demons, let’s see how they stack up against their own fast family.


Tenya Ida is number fifteen.

My Hero Academia is an anime series based on the manga My Hero Academia.

Engines in your calves would be terribly unpleasant in reality.

But for Ida, it’s what makes him one of U. A. High School’s quickest pupils.

Quirks may be honed to become more powerful.

So, once he becomes a professional, he’ll undoubtedly be one of the quickest heroes in some strange number of years.

A tune-up or two could be beneficial.

Perhaps from Mei Hatsume…?


Sorahiko Torino (14), Sorahiko Torino (14), Sora

Sorahiko Torino in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is an anime series based on the manga My Hero Academia.

An elderly guy is one of the world’s quickest heroes.

Isn’t it true that I’m a big fan of anime?

Gran Torino is so swift that he can’t be seen with ordinary eyes, despite his appearances.

(By the way, average eyes are worthless when it comes to these characters from now on.)

His quickness allows him to make fantastic last-second saves when you least expect it.

Torino’s eccentricity is amazing and will undoubtedly come in handy in the future.


Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic from One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime series.

When you graduate, there will most likely be a naming ceremony at the Ninja Village.

Otherwise, no self-respecting parent would give their kid the name Sonic.

Sonic, on the other hand, benefited from what he learnt in the hamlet in terms of speed and mobility. His speed is comparable to Genos, the demon cyborg with nuclear-powered rocket boosters.

He may have been easily beaten by Saitama, but you can’t power scale anybody who has faced Saitama.

Despite the fact that his loss was not very remarkable…

When he confronts a character that is more realistic to defeat, though, he may display some incredible techniques.


Voltia Voltia Voltia Voltia Volti

Luck Voltia Black Clover anime screenshot

Black Clover is a Japanese anime series.

Luck coats his arms and legs with lightning magic to greatly boost his speed.

He effortlessly beats his opponents and then moves on to his next victim. Luck enjoys fighting, and he enjoys it even more when his opponents can keep up with his pace.

His power soars to incredible heights, especially when he is possessed by Lufulu.

But in the manga, you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out what happens to him next.


Killua Zoldyck (#11)

Killua Zoldyck in Hunter X Hunter anime

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese anime series.

Killua isn’t to be taken lightly simply because he’s 12 years old.

Many of his adversaries, including Johness, did this before he murdered them.

This assassin snatched a man’s heart out of his chest before he could respond. It was even packaged in a little cloth bag.

His power increased much more after eliminating the restriction at the back of his skull.

In Godspeed, he can run 40 kilometers (25 miles) in 10 minutes at the pinnacle of his abilities. On adverse terrain, no less. He travels considerably more quickly on a paved road.

Electricity has that kind of power.

Are you a Lightning user?


Zenitsu Agatsuma is number ten.

Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer anime

Demon Slayer is a Japanese anime series.

Zenitsu meets the description when it comes to lightning users.

Zenitsu is quicker in the manga than he is in the anime, cutting down his opponent in less than a second.

There are spoilers coming, so anime fans beware.

In the following arc, he runs so quickly that Daki, an Upper-Moon demon with extrasensory vision, is unable to track him.

Even if Zenitsu fights across small distances in a short length of time, the speed with which he travels is frightening.

When Ufotable arrives to animate that sequence, though, viewers will have to watch it again and again to see what they missed.


9. Licht

Licht Black Clover anime screenshot

Black Clover is a Japanese anime series.

His name means “light” in German.

No, he doesn’t utilize a death certificate. Instead, he employs the usage of light magic.

As a result, his moves are comparable to those of the first Wizard King.

Licht could even pull Asta’s blade from his grip if he didn’t respond quickly enough.

Asta was unable to perceive his ki, but he was also unable to respond using his fundamental instincts.

Spirit Dive Yuno and Black Asta were unable to defeat Licht in the end.

Elves are terrifying creatures.


Korosensei (number 8)

Korosensei in Assassination Classroom anime

Assassination Classroom (anime)

The anime revolves on Korosensei’s speed.

He utilizes it to educate all of the Class 3-E students individually at the same time. The afterimages he creates instruct each child one-on-one in the topic in which they are deficient.

He can move at speeds of up to Mach 20 if afterimages aren’t enough.

That’s a twenty-fold increase in sound speed!

A round journey to Mexico takes just a few minutes, and he may pick up a Nepalese memento on the way.

I’m sure he saves a ton of cash on airline tickets.


Borsalino is number seven.

Borsalino from One Piece anime

One Piece is a popular anime series.

The last pre-timeskip admiral is still alive and well. Literally.

With the power of the Glint-Glint Fruit, Kizaru may transform into light.

His combat technique consists largely of lightning-fast kicks, which the Strawhats had little chance against at the time.

Moving at the speed of light should make you quite quick, right?

But, well, that’s just my view.


Yoruichi Shihoin, No. 6

Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach anime

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

Ho! ThunderCats!

Wait, that’s the incorrect show. Yoruichi isn’t a Thundercat (but he’s close…).

She is the Flash Goddess, and she is a former shinigami.

It signifies she has mastered Shunpo, a Shinigami unique stride that allows them to travel enormous distances in a single motion.

Nobody will be able to keep up with her. Yoruichi’s incredible speed and strength enable her to outmatch anybody in fight.

She has the ability to wipe down numerous adversaries in a single attack while leaving behind afterimages.

That’s not even taking into account what she can accomplish in her various guises. Particularly the one that will be seen in the anime.

You’re in for a real treat.


Minato Namikaze is a character from the anime Minato Namikaze.

Minato Namikaze from Naruto anime

Naruto is a Japanese anime series.

Another member of the Flash family — and no, I’m not referring to DC.

Tobirama Senju’s Flying Thunder God technique was mastered by Konoha’s Yellow Flash.

The user may truly teleport anyplace the technique formula is indicated with this jutsu. Instant teleportation is, without a doubt, very quick.

With Minato in it, the anime improved by roughly 16 percent.

Please believe me when I say that these are accurate figures.


Ryo Shimazaki, No. 4

Ryo Shimazaki in Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese anime series.

Who’d have guessed teleportation could be so much fun?

When I first saw Ryo in action, it was my first thought.

His enhanced vision allows him to anticipate moves, and his teleportation enables him to react in time.

Teleporting to whatever location you desire may be a lot of fun.

I’m curious whether Ryo used to do pranks as a kid.

I’m sure there will be some jump scares.


Sho Kusakabe is number three on the list.

Sho Kusakabe from Fire Force anime

Fire Force (Anime)

Before we go into Sho’s abilities, let’s applaud his ability to combat Shinra without utilizing his adolla burst ability.

Sho was able to not only keep up with him at that pace, but also to overpower him.

Sho’s Ignition Ability, on the other hand, slows time by lowering the heat generated by the universe’s inherent expansion.

To Sho, everyone seems to be statues, and the world becomes silent. To the rest of the world, he seems to be teleporting.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to utilize it for more than a few seconds.

He could’ve binge-watched a ton of anime!


Shinra Kusakabe is number two.

Shinra Kusakabe in Fire Force

Fire Force (Anime)

Shinra is ranked higher than Sho?

It must be the advantage of having an elder brother.

Sho had overpowered Shinra in the first part of their battle, but when he made an Adolla Link with the Evangelist, he was unable to stop Shinra.

Viktor Licht discovered out that Shinra had outrun the speed of light. If you recall, he was creepily observing from behind a pillar.

That implies his body, now reduced to molecular particles, travels back in time when his body was entire again, for all my non-theoretical physicists out there.

Going back in time is, in essence, quicker than slowing down time.

I believe it is preferable if we just enjoy watching the fire go off.


1. Whis

Whis from Dragon Ball Z anime

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime series.

Take a look at his name, for example. It’s the sound effect for anything that’s going quickly.

Whis is the universe’s quickest being.

In a couple of minutes, he can travel the whole cosmos. That is much faster than anything we can reasonably compare in our world.

Whis is a great place to go if you’re rushing late for anything. He’ll drive you to your destination.

Just remember to have an ice cream container on available for appropriate payment.

The “top 50 fastest anime characters” is a list of the top 50 fastest anime characters. The list ranks the speediest anime character from fastest to slowest.

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1. Tenchi Muyo! GXP, Ayeka
2. Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel
3. Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi Hatake”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the fastest anime character ranked?

A: I am not sure if you are asking me who is the fastest anime character, or what rank they would be in.

Who is the fastest anime character 2021?


What are the Top 10 Dumbest anime characters?

A: 1. Tenchi Muyo! GXP, Ayeka 2. Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel 3. Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi Hatake

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