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Fans of BioWare’s epic Sci-Fi trilogy were re-ignited by the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition (2021), and if you’re also a lover of The Sims, we’ve got a few tools to help you bridge an amazing crossover.

I’ve scoured the galaxy for the finest fan-made add-ons for joining the Systems Alliance with your Sims.

Furniture, clothing, and custom character sets are all available to help you bring Commander Shepard and his crew to life in TS4.

Whether you want to recreate the whole cast or simply want some more distinctive Sci-Fi CC, this collection of Mass Effect goodies has a lot to offer.


Decorations for Mass Effect 10

Take a Look At This CC

First and foremost, we have the ideal method to include some of Mass Effect’s Sci-Fi style into your TS4 lots.

Raiz-Mass on’s Effect Decorations provide everything a Systems Alliance resident need to fulfill their requirements.

There’s a water cooler for hydration, a food dispenser for nourishment, a medic station for self-care, and even a communication tower to stay informed on Citadel news.

The huge Mass Relay monument, though, is my personal favorite.

I’m sure it’ll spark some interesting discussions, and it’ll be nice to recall our galaxy’s past.


Kaidan Armor (nine)

Kaidan Armor for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

In the first Mass Effect, Kaidan Alenko isn’t the most fascinating of your friends. But, as the trilogy progressed, he gradually captured the hearts of many.

Let’s say you wish to invite Sentinel Alenko to your TS4 home.

In that case, you’ll require these Systems Alliance-issued male armor sets, which are available in navy blue and black camo and were adapted from Mass Effect 3 by developer XLD SIMS.

These were essential in keeping Kaidan alive throughout the events of ME3, and they’re ideal for wearing to work as a Military Officer or Covert Operator (included with the StrangerVille Game Pack).


8. N7 Armor (Standard)

Sims 4 Standard N7 Armor CC

Take a Look At This CC

With this one, the same CC developer gives us something a little more general – a normal N7 armor that may be used in any scenario when avoiding laser damage is essential.

It was Commander Shepard’s default armor in Mass Effect 3, and it allowed him to survive long enough to destroy the Reapers.

He got his money’s worth, in my opinion.

Check out these basic Mass Effect military fatigues if you want to give your Sim something a little less armored but still keeping the military authority.


Miranda’s Bodysuit, No. 7

Sims 4 Miranda’s Bodysuit (Mass Effect CC)

Take a Look At This CC

Miranda Lawson, a Cerberus Officer and potential love interest for male Commander Shepard, epitomizes the femme fatale ideal. She was first presented in Mass Effect 2 as a Cerberus Officer and possible romantic interest for male Commander Shepard.

She was genetically modified to be the ideal person – or as near to it as possible.

She’s powerful, quick, and clever, with the appearance of a Greek goddess.

This outfit by XLD SIMS will do the same for your Simmies as her famous bodysuit does for her killer figure.

If you’re going to make a Miranda Sim, you should also check out this hairdo.


N7 Hoodies are number six.

N7 Hoodies / Sims 4 CC

CC FemShep Hoodie from Mass Effect

CC BroShep Hoodie from Mass Effect

If creating a full-fledged Mass Effect persona for your Sims family seems a bit too much, these N7 Hoodies are a great way for your simulated players to express their support for the series.

They have a nice design that is based on the hoodie from Mass Effect 3, with the N7 emblem on the chest and ornamental red and white lines down the sleeves.

It’d be a fairly immersive way to give your Systems Alliance Sims something to wear on their days off, because it’s directly from the game.


5. Tentacles of Asari Head

Asari Head Tentacles / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The Asari are by far the most popular race in Mass Effect, both in-universe and among fans.

That has a lot to do with their unique matriarchal society and the way they reproduce by splicing their DNA and having psychic intercourse with other species.

But it’s also because of their enticing blue skin and beautiful tentacle hair.

CrazyMammoth’s CC set will allow you to create Sims with an Asari “hairstyle,” and the tentacles will blend in with any skin tone.

I’m not sure I’ve ever imagined anything more enticing than an orange Asari.


Citadel Fashion is number four.

Citadel Fashion CC Set for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

I’m sure you Sims gamers want to deck up their Asari and other cosmic women in the best galactic threads…

And if that’s the case, you’ll find it in PlazaSims’ Citadel Fashion mod.

The collection includes three distinct clothing models that you could see at the citadel on any given day. Each one comes in seven different swatches, so there’s something for everyone.

It’s everything here, from colorful party dresses to sophisticated work clothing.

The same designer has created several more items for us, like these Alliance Officer Uniforms for the military and Casual Mass Effect clothes for daily use.


Garrus Vakarian is number three on the list.

Sims 4 / Garrus Vakarian Character CC from Mass Effect

Take a Look At This CC

Garrus has captured the hearts of a surprising number of admirers, who choose the Turian as a romantic choice, despite being a member of an avian race of beady-eyed humans with a steel carapace.

You’ll be delighted to have him visit Earth due to this CC set by XLD Sims, whether you think him beautiful or simply view him as a buddy.

The model and textures were taken from Mass Effect 3 and then modified to match Maxis’ art style.

As a consequence, the Turian looks well at home in San Myshuno.


2. Armor of the Hyperguardian

Hyperguardian Armor CC for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Let’s be honest:

Andromeda isn’t exactly BioWare’s crowning achievement.

Still, when it comes to interesting armors, the game offers the most diversity in the franchise to yet.

These are a long cry from the first Mass Effect’s flat skin-tight bodysuits, and the game is all the better for it.

The Hyperguardian Armor is one of my favorites.

It seems to be elegant and durable, which is understandable given that it was intended for heavy-fire scenarios and harsh settings.

PlazaSims’ Cerberus Assault Armor and a more general Space Armor are two more noteworthy CC sets.


1. Mass Effect Outfits by BMSO85

Sims 4 CC / Mass Effect Outfits Set

Take a Look At This CC

Variety is what I strive for while selecting all of my unique material.

The more incredible bespoke items you can have at one time, the better.

With a huge collection of Mass Effect armors and apparel, including Quarians, Geth, Reaper Constructs, and much more, creator BMSO85 gets the #1 place on our list.

It’s a veritable gold mine for anyone looking to add more alien variety to The Sims 4 – and something that genuine Mass Effect aficionados will undoubtedly enjoy.

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