Treyarch’s Zombies coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard could be the lead-up to a well-deserved standalone game

Zombies has been a major part of Call of Duty for years, ever since Call of Duty: World at War, and Treyarch’s take on the zombie apocalypse has remained one of the best. However, with Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare already out, the series is clearly running out of steam, and it’s time to acknowledge that. Zombies has been a major part of Call of Duty for years, ever since Call of Duty: World at War, and Treyarch’s take on the zombie apocalypse has remained one of the best. However, with Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare already out, the series is clearly running out of steam,

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been a very popular series, with a massive following of fans, and with a plethora of zombie games, there has been a lot of buzz about a Black Ops zombies game. The most recent of these rumors came from the unofficial Call of Duty: Vanguard website, which started a rumor that Treyarch was working on a Black Ops zombies game, and that it would be a form of mini-season for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Now, this rumor is very questionable, with Activision denying the rumors.

Zombies. Call of Duty. Vanguard. Just some of the popular games that are coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard. Zombies returning to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is great news for fans, but Treyarch is focusing more on the zombies of Call of Duty: Vanguard, which is a rather new game, and looks like it is getting more popular by the day. While Treyarch’s zombies are returning to the game, they are only making a few appearances. What’s more is that Treyarch is even considering making Call of Duty: Vanguard its own game.

Call of Duty Zombies may have begun as a pleasant little bonus for finishing the World at War campaign, but it has since grown into a behemoth that serves as an important foundation of Call of Duty content. In fact, Zombies are the primary reason why some players keep returning to the games.

I wasn’t interested in Call of Duty multiplayer when I was in high school, but if developer Treyarch was working on a Black Ops game, I’d be there from the start to see what was new for Zombies. I’ve always admired their meticulous attention to detail and the narrative they’d weaved throughout all of these strange time jumps and dimension jumps. It was enough for me to pay the money on each book since it spoke to me precisely. Whereas multiplayer remained the same year after year, I thought Zombies would provide something fresh and different.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season 4 ReloadedActivision provided this image.

Treyarch isn’t the first Call of Duty developer to include a zombies mode in their game. Sledgehammer Games, the main developer of Call of Duty: Vanguard, created the Exo Zombies and Nazi Zombies modes in Advanced Warfare and WWII, respectively. Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare had a Zombies mode. While other versions of Zombies have their supporters, they never compare to the amount of fun I had playing a Treyarch Zombies level. Other Call of Duty creators attempted to create a game with a complex narrative and difficult puzzles, but the results were never the same. It seemed like Zombies were added simply for the sake of having Zombies, rather than expanding on Treyarch’s foundation. That is one of the reasons why Treyarch’s continuation of the Zombies narrative in Vanguard excites me so much.

While Treyarch is most known for their zombie games, the mode used to seem like an afterthought in the Black Ops series. As a long-time Zombies player, I noticed that repairs and upgrades were longer to come in Zombies than in multiplayer. Multiplayer will always be the most important aspect of a Call of Duty game, but the Zombies community deserves more. They’re constantly there, deciphering the most cryptic codes buried in each map, collecting hours of footage throughout the course of the narrative, and doing irrational amounts of research in a variety of methods simply to figure out what’s going on in this story. This is the thing that keeps us going.

Beyond Black Ops, there are zombies.

1630021340_732_Treyarchs-Zombies-coming-to-Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-could-beTreyarch provided this image.

So, what can we anticipate from Vanguard Zombies? To begin, I anticipate more of what we’ve seen from Treyarch’s Zombies output over the years, which most likely means one round-based map at launch and a mode similar to Outbreak in Black Ops Cold War. More maps and features will be released over time, as is customary, but we won’t have to wait years for Treyarch to release another Black Ops game.

Treyarch is returning to the Dark Aether narrative that began in Black Ops Cold War with Vanguard Zombies, essentially creating a prequel. We are put in an abandoned Nazi experimental facility in the first Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, Die Maschine, which also contains Nacht Der Untoten, the very first Call of Duty Zombies level. As a result, Vanguard’s World War II scenario is ideal for a Zombies prequel. In Die Maschine, we may meet a fresh cast of people and learn about the circumstances that led to the closure of Project Endstation.

Zombies in the Best-Case Scenario

1630021341_187_Treyarchs-Zombies-coming-to-Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-could-beTreyarch provided this image.

While the Zombies content should continue to be released as normal during Vanguard’s lifetime, it’s the future that has me most thrilled. I’ve been hoping for a solo Call of Duty game that was just focused on zombies for a long time. Along with claims that Treyarch was working on Zombies for Sledgehammer’s Vanguard earlier this year, speculations started to circulate that Treyarch was working on exactly that. Tom Henderson, a long-time leaker, has been hinting to a separate game under development for nearly the whole year. Granted, there’s still a possibility that such a game is nothing more than a dream, but if it does turn out to be real, it’ll only help the franchise reach new heights.

Assume Treyarch has a bigger dedicated Zombies development staff, capable of working on a single title. That may mean larger and better maps, perhaps even more than the five or six seen in current Call of Duty games, as well as an explosion of features that go beyond the boundaries of “the third mode lying below the campaign and multiplayer.” Activision must have finally realized that Treyarch’s Zombies should be the only developer pushing the game mode forward.

Finally, Treyarch’s Zombies is a one-of-a-kind experience that is much required in today’s gaming environment. It combines a compelling narrative with enjoyable gameplay, drawing influence from a variety of sources. Call of Duty Zombies is an excellent candidate for its own game. It has proved to be more than capable of standing out from multiplayer’s shadow and demonstrating its long-term viability. This isn’t a game that you play once and then forget about. They keep returning to the addicting gameplay and discovering new things in the easter eggs and narrative. Even if it doesn’t receive that independent treatment, the idea that we’ll be getting more Treyarch Zombies with each Call of Duty helps to make the yearly releases a bit more exciting.

Zombies is Treyarch’s flagship game mode, and this year’s Call of Duty: Vanguards DLC is dedicated to bringing the undead into the game. With the next Zombies title coming in 2018, the developer has stated that it will be pretty different from what players are used to. It will undoubtedly be an evolution of the Zombies formula, but what exactly will make it “Evolved?”. Read more about call of duty vanguard zombies and let us know what you think.

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