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The Candle of Life is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It is often used for healing, but can also be used to revive characters who have fallen in battle. This article will explore where you can find the candle and what it’s commonly used for in FFX.

The candle of life ffx is a consumable item that can be used to revive your party members. It’s also used in the game FFX as a way to restore HP and MP.

The easiest method to harvest the item is to steal two Candles of Life from Fallen Monks (both kinds) in the Zanarkand Ruins during each fight.

Candles of Life are an item in Final Fantasy X that may be used to modify Zombieproof and Zombiestrike on your armor and weapons.

For Zombieproof, you’ll need 10 candles, and for Zombiestrike, you’ll need 30 candles.


Locations of the Candle of Life

Stealing Candles of Life from Fallen Monks is the easiest method to get them (both varieties). If you walk about the Zanarkand Ruins, you’ll see them rather often.

They have two Candles as a frequent theft, so stocking up is simple.

The Monster Arena monsters Don Tonberry and Pteryx, on the other hand, have them as rare thefts.

For unlocking Coeurlregina in the Monster Arena, you’ll also get 99 Candles.

The Zanarkand Ruins are littered with fallen monks. There are two types of Fallen Monks: regular and Flamethrower. Both of them must steal two Candles of Life.

After capturing one of each monster from the Cavern of Stolen Fayth, Don Tonberry may be unlocked in the Monster Arena.

After capturing five of each bird-type opponent in the Arena, Pteryx is unlocked.

After catching all of the creatures on Mushroom Rock Road, Coeurlregina is unlocked.


Uses of the Life Candle

Candles of Life are used to counteract the impact of the Zombie state.

Healing a Zombie character instead causes harm, and they can’t be resurrected after they’ve been destroyed. It’s a very vexing status effect, perhaps the worst in the game.

However, once you can modify things, 10 Candles adds Zombieproof to a piece of armor, which 100% of the time avoids this dreadful condition effect.

Instead, you’ll receive Zombiestrike if you use 30 Candles on a weapon.

When you use a Zombiestrike weapon on an opponent, they nearly always get the status.

Being a zombie is unpleasant enough, but having an opponent who is a zombie is awesome.

It’s a lot of fun to turn a bad guy into a zombo and then heal him to death.

Candles of Life may be combined with Rikku in a variety of ways, including the following:

Ultra-Cure (Al Behd Potion + Candle of Life): Restores all bad statuses and restores the party’s HP to full.

Brimstone (Bomb Core + Candle of Life): Deals three bursts of medium fire damage, as well as three rounds of sleep, quiet, and darkness to foes.

Quartet of 9 (Dark Matter + Candle of Life): For the remainder of the fight, one character will deal 9999 damage with every attack.



Is it worthwhile to farm Candles of Life?


In Final Fantasy X, Zombie is a particularly vexing status effect.

There aren’t many foes who do it, but those who do enjoy it.

In fact, Zombie is an important component of many of the game’s boss battles (mostly in the late game).

Fortunately, you can easily harvest Candles throughout the region leading up to these end-game battles, and doing so is well worth your effort.

Also, since Candles are so simple to come by, you may freely utilize them in Rikku’s mixtures and reap a slew of advantages.

Even Zombiestrike is a lot of fun to play with, even if it isn’t something that should be on any endgame weapon.

The stamina tonic ffx is a potion that restores the player’s stamina. It can be found in many places throughout FFX, but it’s most commonly used by players who are leveling up their characters.

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