Where to put every item in 2015 – Unpacking item placement guide

The idea of item placement in games is nothing new, but the complicated nature and demands of modern day multi-platform titles has made it a difficult task to perfect. This guide will break down where to put every single item that could be encountered in any major game released in 2015.

By the time you read this, Blizzard Entertainment will have released their latest game. That’s right; not one but three new Warcraft games release in 2015! It seems like every day there is a new game coming out and everyone wants to know where they should put all of that stuffumabob. Well, I’ve got your back with my list of items you’ll need for each phase of gameplay (and maybe some other tidbits I can’t remember).

“Unpacking item placement guide” is a topic that has been trending in the past year. The “unpacking item placement guide” will help you to find where to put every item in 2015.

Although Unpacking’s 2015 chapter has no new plot material, it will be a continuation of the home seen in 2013. As a result, any things put in the previous level will also be present in this chapter. This will be difficult since you’ll have to alter what you’ve previously written. Whatever the case may be, here’s how to complete the house swiftly in 2015.

Getting the bathroom ready

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You’ll be beginning in one of the easier rooms in the home if you start in the bathroom. Take the plant and place it on top of the boxes over the toilet. Then, either in the medical cabinet or on the sink, arrange the smaller deodorants, lotions, and make-up kits. You may need to rotate certain objects first to make sure everything fits. The pink floor mat should next be placed precisely in front of the sink.

The larger packaged goods and towels may be put on the rack to the right of the sink after that is done. Set the tall soap bottles on the shower shelf and the red comb in the second drawer from the top to complete the bathroom.

The bedroom is being unpacked

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Begin by sorting and stacking comparable objects together on the floor, as we’ve suggested in previous stages. Plants and pen holders may be placed on the right-hand nightstand. Continue on the right side of the closet by hanging and folding the different shirts. However, any socks or bras discovered should be placed in the purple bins on the left side.

The majority of shoes and boots may then be stored on the floor or on the lowest rack of the closet. There will be one pair of tall rain boots that must be placed on the highest shelf (as shown above). As is customary, place every animal in the house on the bed, with the purple handbag and yoga mat hidden beneath. Place the red bag at the bed’s foot and the purple cloth on top to finish the room.

The living room is being unpacked.

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The living room is the easiest to decorate since most of the items may be placed on the right-hand shelf. Place each plant, as well as their watering containers, on the top shelf. Books may then be placed on the middle shelf, with empty pots and a bag of earth placed on the bottom shelf.

Place the three painted rocks on each side of the window above the shelves. To finish the living room, just drag the cushions onto the sofa and set the remaining items on the coffee table.

Organizing the workplace

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Because there are no boxes in the office, you’ll just need to find two specific objects in other rooms to finish this stage. The brown paintbrushes, for example, should be placed inside the white cabinet. The second item is a computer monitor that should be placed in front of the living room entrance, facing forward on top of the desk.

Cleaning up the kitchen

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To begin, take the cleaning supplies from the left side of the fridge and put them in the sink. You may now relocate the wooden dish rack to the right of the sink after that’s done. Larger equipment, such as the green coffee maker and the silver pressure cooker, may be stored in the cupboard behind the microwave. The shelves and stove fan may then be used to store all other big dishes and ingredients.

As one would expect, the magnets and whiteboard should be connected to one of the refrigerator doors, and each item should be placed in its own drawer. The latter two items (a fish-shaped bowl and a house plant) may be put wherever on the dining table if done in this sequence.